Monday, 20 February 2012

A Gansey for Kelsey

I have decided what my project is to be - A Gansey for Kelsey. Kelsey is the daughter of my lovely friend a co-worker, Susan. Kelsey is only just turned three so it will not be a big gansey - ideal for a first.
Kelsey likes pink and purple and so do I, so I went through my collection, and paid a visit to both of the brilliant wool shops in Lerwick and bought some more shades....

I then knitted up some swatches so that I could do the maths - I borrowed a top of Kelsey's to get the measurements. These are not necessarily the patterns I will use, I just needed to check my gauge on pattern and corrugated rib. Then some horrible calculations, including working out not only the number of stitches to cast on, but also working out which numbers divide evenly into that number. This is so that you can choose the right motifs to fit.
I am using the Mary-Jane Mucklestone book 200 Fair Isle Motifs. It is brilliantly well laid out, giving you the number of stitches and rows needed for each motif, two colourway suggestions and a plainer chart in black and white.I look through and pick the ones that would fit and that I like the look of and then start trying to put it together on a square chart. Getting the colours to work is the really hard bit for me.

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